marți, 16 decembrie 2008

Got balls?

Tipul asta are.

Mr Zaidi, who lives in Baghdad, has worked for al-Baghdadia for three years.

Muzhir al-Khafaji, programming director for the channel, described Mr Zaidi as a "proud Arab and an open-minded man".

He said that Mr Zaidi was a graduate of communications from Baghdad University.

"He has no ties with the former regime. His family was arrested under Saddam's regime," he said.

Mr Zaidi has previously been abducted by insurgents and held twice for questioning by US forces in Iraq.

In November 2007 he was kidnapped by a gang on his way to work in central Baghdad and released three days later without a ransom.

He said at the time that the kidnappers had beaten him until he lost consciousness, and used his necktie to blindfold him.

Mr Zaidi never learned the identity of his kidnappers, who questioned him about his work before letting him go.

De aici

Si ce-a facut? Cred ca stie deja toata lumea.


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Lapona Antigel spunea...

Excelent!!!!!! Mi-as dori sa am si eu "ouale" astea si sa arunc cu bocancii, dar nu in w., ci in prea nefericitul mafiot daniel.... sau altul din clica lui.